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Bridesmaid error!

I’ve never been that close to my fiance’s sister, not close enough to make her my bridesmaid anyway.

My fiance completely understands this but his family including his sister have automatically assumed that she’s going to be my bridesmaid. How do I break the news without hurting her feelings?

Jessica, Leeds

Hi Jessica

Just remember that it is you and your fiance’s wedding, so nobody else should be making these decisions on your behalf. If your fiance is ok with her not being your bridesmaid then this is absolutely fine, but it is important that you go about telling her in the right way. How about asking her to be involved in the wedding in another way, such as asking her to do a reading at the ceremony or ask her to help with the table plan or some personalised decorative items. If you aren’t that close then she should understand why she wasn’t picked to be your bridesmaid, she may be disappointed at first but will be happy to be a part of the day in another way.

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Drunken guests

We’ve chosen our dream wedding venue, it’s very exclusive and in the fine print they have noted they do not want any overly drunk and disorderly guests! Although we couldn’t imagine any of our guests intentionally being a problem, and we do want everyone to have a great time, there are a few that have been known to have one too many cocktails at similar events! What do I do? I don’t want to be overseeing my guests conduct all evening, or have people feel they can’t relax and let their hair down!

Emily, Lincoln

Best man speech nerves

I’m the Best Man for my friend’s wedding and, although I’m excited for the big day I am not looking forward to the speech I’m going to have to make, especially in front of so many people I’ve never met before. The groom-to-be has always been the one with the confidence! Do you have any advice on how I can overcome the nerves?

Jeremy, London

Hi Jeremy

Hi Emily

Unfortunately this is a worry that many brides and grooms face. Despite your best efforts in planning there is no way to predict how much alcohol your guests will consume – after all this is a celebration and everyone likes a good party! If you feel you have a few guests that may have a couple too many, my advice would be to appoint a trusted guest to keep an eye out for anyone who is getting a little too merry. It’s more than likely there will be a bartender on watch too, who will be able to stop serving them drinks if they feel this is necessary. It’s unlikely, but if things look like they may get out of hand then your appointed guest can subtly remove the drunken guests from the venue! They’ll probably thank you for it in the morning anyway!

It’s completely normal to be nervous about making a speech in front of people you haven’t met before – even the most confident of people get this sort of nerves. The key to a great speech is plenty of preparation. Write the speech out more than once, practice the speech in private and then, quite importantly, practice your speech in front of somebody else. Have your significant other or a friend give you their honest opinion on the speech. A little tip – if you can kick it off by making them laugh then you know you’re off to a good start! People aren’t expecting a stand-up routine though, so don’t worry about packing it full of jokes – just some anecdotes followed by a heartfelt message and you’ll be OK.

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