Weddings in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a truly exotic wedding location. Getting married on Zanzibar is becoming increasingly popular as the appeal of warm, azure water, white powder beaches, beautiful landscapes and guaranteed sunshine beckons – not to mention the famous Zanzibari hospitality The island has so many â˜wow-factor’ venues on the beach and in the resort hotels that you will be spoilt for choice – you can even hire out your own island for an extra special touch.

The legal age for couples to marry without parental consent is 18-years. Two witnesses are required (hotel wedding planners can usually provide witnesses), and you will need to be in Zanzibar for at least two working days before your wedding. Your intent to marry must be posted for

21 days before your ceremony. You must send an application to the Regional Commissioner stating your names, marriage date and birthdates of yourselves and both sets of parents, and that you are both single and intend to marry in Zanzibar. This must be signed and notarised if you are having a civil ceremony.


V Passports and 2 photocopies.

V Birth Certificates.

V Certificate of No Impediment.

V Certificate of Domicile stating where you live.

V 2 passport photos each.

V Decree Absolute if divorced.

V Previous Marriage Certificate and Death Certificate of previous spouse if widowed.

V For religious ceremonies you need a letter from your church stating that you have followed its requirements and that banns have been posted in your home country.

V All documents must be stamped with an apostille and notarised.

Top 5 Things to do

Explore Stone Town

Stroll down the narrow streets of historic Stone Town with its twists and turns and discover its magical architecture and heritage. Its lively, modern influences include restaurants, bars and curious attractions that don’t compromise its old world charm.

2 Spice up your life

Zanzibar has been one of the largest exporters of cloves and other spices and no trip to the island would be complete without a tour of a traditional spice farm.


Take a full-day excursion with Safari Blue from Fumba, which includes sailing around mangroves and snorkeling along coral reefs followed by a delicious seafood BBQ.

Dive the Mnemba Atoll

Take the plunge and dive at Mnemba. The experience is stunning – inside it’s like being in a giant aquarium and the outside offers excellent wall and drift dives.

Swim with wild dolphins

Zanzibar offers a unique opportunity to track and swim with dolphins. Each morning the local pod of dolphins wake from their overnight spot in Menai Bay and playing with the tourists is just part of their morning routine.

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