Weight Loss Exercise Plan For Obese

If we live through seven anabolic life cycles and seven more catabolic life cycles, we will live for 98 years.

If you stay fit and take care of yourself – and enter your level every day to strengthen your immune mechanism and stay healthy – you should be able to live almost 100 years and die in perfect health. Physical fitness for your children

A child has a couple of jobs:

1. To learn as much as possible.

2. To exercise the body so that it will grow.

A young child does not have a critical reasoning faculty. A childs brain functions inductively, not deductively. A childs brain is like a sponge.

Whatever you tell the child, whatever the child observes, is taken in and filed in the memory banks of the childs biocomputer brain.

Mental Housecleaning is extremely important when you are dealing with young children because they accept everything that you tell them.

Parents should practice good Mental Housecleaning with their children: Praise them, and encourage the behavior you desire.

It is very easy to say, If you dont study hard and make good grades, you will not be successful in life.

We want to encourage them to make good grades, but we dont want to program them that they cannot do any better in adult life than they did in school!

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Instead say something like, Learn your subjects so you will be able to do the things you want to do.

We also want to be good examples for them Children do not have a critical reasoning faculty. They simply accept what is told to them.

You want them to grow up with good habits, with habits that will help them be healthy, productive and happy. So be a good role model for them and let them see you exercise regularly.

If a child sees mommy or daddy lifting weights and wants to join in, thats all right, but keep the weights very light.

A childs small body is already growing very rapidly; it does not need the intense stimulation of heavy weight training. In fact, it does not take much stress to injure a childs immature joints and tissues.

Teenagers can probably handle a sensible weight training program. To be safe, get some professional advice. And if you have any doubts at all, use your level to help you make your decisions.

You can also teach your children to enter and use their level. The ideal time to teach children to enter and use their level is between 7 and 14 years old.

We have special programs to guide you to train your child; information on these programs is included in back of this blog.

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