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Fridge and freezer secrets revealed

What do you notice about the contents of your fridge and freezer? How many ready meals have you got? Oven ready chips, frozen desserts, ice cream? Notice how much of what you have is fresh and how much is processed. What you actually eat may not be what you think you eat.

While you’re looking at the labels, look for the amount of saturated fat and salt in the chips and ready meals. See how much sugar and fat there is in the ice cream and frozen desserts. Now notice how little fibre they contain.

There’s nothing wrong with eating some processed food in the form of ready meals, but rather like alcohol, ready meals are best eaten in moderation. Why? Because as you’ll notice, they contain high levels of salt, saturated fat and sugar, and almost no fibre. Remember that food companies deliberately remove fibre because it doesn’t freeze well. You need fibre. Lack of fibre in your diet is a major cause of your evolutionary mismatch – and your weight gain.

Fresh out of fresh?

Lastly, how much fresh fruit and vegetables have you got? You may be surprised by how little you have – hopefully not! The thing to realise is that fruit and vegetables contain fibre as well as essential vitamins and minerals. Eating your ‘five a day’ is important, but what you eat should be fresh.

Beware of food companies who say that their processed food contains one or more of your ‘five a day’. It might, but it certainly isn’t fresh and it’ll come with a whole lot of other ingredients you could do without. A 400g tin of Heinz tomato soup claims to be one of your ‘five a day’, but also contains 20 grams of sugar – that’s 5 teaspoonfuls!

Fresh is good. The more fresh food you eat the better. Try having more fresh fruit during the day, it’s a good habit to get into. Keep a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table and keep it well stocked.

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