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So what's happened?

The cause of this malfunction is actually quite simple. It's happened because of a mismatch between what you eat and drink and your body's ability to process it. It's this mismatch that is the root cause of weight gain, a mismatch that all too often also leads to ill health. The truth is that you were not designed to eat large quantities of low-fibre, calorie-dense, sugary, salty, fatty food – or to drink litres of sugar-laced sodas, fruit juice or smoothies.

This mismatch has its roots in the past.

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It's actually an evolutionary mismatch. You see.

You can't ignore your evolutionary past!

The evolutionary mismatch – what it means.

In evolutionary terms, your body has not had time to adapt to the modern diet. It is still programmed to deal with the life of your hunter gatherer ancestors, who led a tough life. They spent most of their time looking for food and coping with feast and famine. However, over thousands of years their bodies evolved to be able to cope with this.

It's easy to forget that it's only 5,000 years since the development of agriculture and animal husbandry was established. In evolutionary terms that's the blink of an eye. The industrialisation of food started a mere 200 years ago. Today we don't have to spend time and energy foraging for our food or dealing with famine. For most of us food is abundant and relatively inexpensive.

The problem we face now is that not enough time has passed to allow our bodies to evolve from being active hunter gatherers who survived on a sugar-free diet which was high in fibre, to sedentary beings gorging on a calorie-dense diet of processed foods, high in sugar and low in fibre.

Our biological evolution has not kept pace with our cultural evolution.

The consequence is a mismatch between the food our bodies have evolved to deal with, and the type of food we eat today, which our bodies find difficult to process.

The effect of this mismatch is a malfunction of our biochemical processes which results in weight gain – and which eventually can lead to weight-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancer.

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