Weight Loss Exercises For Asthmatics

When the cause of you being overweight or obese is down to stress, it becomes very difficult to lose fat if you remain stressed. Identifying the causes of stress, and reducing stress has to be a priority.

There is an even more important reason why reducing stress is vital, in fact it’s the most important reason why you have to address this problem.

The fat that stress causes is different from the subcutaneous fat you have immediately under your skin which covers most of your body. Fat caused by stress is called visceral or toxic fat. It’s the fat on your belly. It’s also the fat that builds up round your internal organs. This fat is particularly dangerous. It’s called toxic for a very good reason. Why? Because it drives inflammation.

What does that mean? Toxic fat is dangerous because it secretes a pro-inflammatory chemical which exacerbates the early symptoms of disease. In other words it puts you in increased danger of type 2 diabetes, of cardiovascular disease or of getting cancer. And if you don’t get rid of your toxic fat, it can reduce your life by up to fifteen years. As you can see, if you’re overweight or obese a lot of very nasty things can happen to you.

Now, here is some good news and some not so good news about fat. The good news is that it’s the toxic or visceral fat is the first to go when you start to lose weight, particularly when you take regular exercise, particularly aerobic exercise. The not so good news is that your subcutaneous fat which covers most of your body is more difficult to lose. Your body tries to hang on to this because it’s this fat that makes leptin.

Prolonged periods of stress makes you put on fat, dangerous toxic fat. Identifying the causes of stress and finding ways of coping with them is vital if you want to lose weight, and reduce the chances of contracting a life-threatening disease.

The easiest way to reduce stress and get your cortisol level down is aerobic exercise!

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