Weight Loss Exercises At Home For Beginners




Start in reverse warrior II: left leg bent to 90 degrees, right leg extended behind you with foot flat on the floor, toes pointing to the right.

Allow your back to arch as you reach up and over with your left arm, gently placing your right hand on your right leg for support. Send your gaze up to the sky.

From here, with your left foot forward, move your left arm down and plant your palm on the floor outside your left foot. Allow your right arm to follow, placing it near your left foot.

Engage your core muscles and lift your right arm and chest while squeezing your upper back. Then return to reverse warrior II, and switch sides to repeat.

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With your feet together, lower your bottom down toward the floor into chair position. Keep your heels planted.

With your hands to your heart or your arms extended to your sides, drop your tailbone to the floor and bring your belly button to your spine.

Once you’re in a squat, step a leg out and back to the midline. Repeat this, alternating sides with each step.

To make this harder, increase the Speed at which you step out, or raise the arm opposite the Stepping foot




Start on all fours and lift your right leg. Lift your left arm, palm facing forward.

Scoop your left arm around to bind with the inner arch ofyour right foot. Extend both up toward the ceiling on the inhalation and hold.

Repeat on the other side and alternate for your level’s allotted time.


Start in plank position on your toes and slowly lower your hips toward the floor.

Inhale, drawing one knee into your chest, gaze down.

Drop your hips down toward the floor once more.

Repeat on the opposite side.


Kneel, with your knees and feet hip-width apart, then carefully lean back to take hold ofyour heels and lift your chest to the ceiling, arching your lower back.

Extend one arm up toward the ceiling.

Circle that arm across your body to the opposite side.

Repeat, slowand controlled, to open your chest and back.

Repeat with the other arm.

Don’t let your head drop back if it doesn’t feel comfortable


From a standing straddle position, with your hands on the floor, drop one knee inward.

As you return to the starting position, hop lifting both feet and drawing your tailbone toward the ceiling.

Repeat this on the opposite side, doing the series of movements in rapid succession to increase your heart rate.

Beauty and features writerJaymie Hooper hits the mat Yoga and I go way back (I try to sneak in a solid vinyasa sesh three times a week), so I figured this workout would be a breeze. Turns out, it wasn’t as easy as I thought. It got my heart racing, may have made me sweat a little and totally pushed my balancing skills to the limit!

I enjoyed the half camel to alf camel. I spend most days hunched over my desk so this was a great way to open my chest and stretch my back.

I appreciated the gentle stretch, but let’s just say I went for a couple of tumbles trying to nail that pose. Oh, and how could I forget the Buti climber – that move made my abs feel like they were on FIRE.

Final verdict: I m thinking ofadding this routine to my weekly yoga practice. Some ofthe moves really got my heart rate up, which made me feel like I was getting a little cardio workout along with the deep stretches I love so much.

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