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Knowledge is the key to making successful change. It allows you to ‘own’ the change process because you know what causes you to be overweight; you know about the evolutionary mismatch, of the effects of your biochemistry driving your behaviour, and how it affects your weight and your health.

In Part One ‘What you need to know’ you have been made aware of things that you need to change, and that hopefully you want to change.

The next stage is to for you to prepare your own Slim Habit programme. A slim, healthy life is yours for the taking.

Your Slim Habit will be based on three main areas: Your Diet, Low Calorie Days and Exercise. It won’t be like a diet, restrictive and short-lasting. It will be simple, easy to follow and easy to do. The new habits you learn will become part of your life, for the rest of your life. Your Slim Habit programme will be ‘owned’ by you and controlled by you. You’ll be able to adjust it whenever you feel the need to do so.

Your new slim, healthy life starts here, but before getting down to the detail, there’s some personal preparation to do. Here are two things you’ll find helpful to be aware of.

In order to make change you’re going to have to change your habits. So what is a habit? A habit is a familiar activity carried out automatically, without much thought. It’s a learned response. We live our lives mostly by habit. For example, after a few months of learning to ride a bike or drive a car, we can do it ‘without thinking’. It becomes automatic. It’s because we’ve done it repeatedly that it’s becomes a habit. The fact that we’re able to form habits allows us a huge amount of freedom. It frees our brain to be able to concentrate on more pressing issues. It makes us more efficient.

Often we’re not aware that we’re learning a habit. It becomes established because we do something repeatedly. Routines, for example. It’s easy to become hampered by routine. Routines develop without you being aware. Routines are how you run much of your life. They are just a collection of habits, some good, some bad. By learning new habits you can deconstruct your routines and create new ones. It’s not difficult to do, it might take a bit of getting used to at first, but it’s necessary – and it works.

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