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Eating out

Keeping to RDAs is not meant to kill off fun days and great evenings out. There’ll be times when you go over the top and eat too much and your RDAs go out of the window. It doesn’t matter as long as it only happens occasionally. You ought to bear a couple of things in mind though:

Fast food restaurants, are they off limits? No .BUT! It would be sensible if they were visited very rarely, and if you do you go, choose what you order with care. Have one course, make it the smallest size you can order, and DO NOT order a soda, a fruit juice or a smoothie. Water, tea or coffee is fine.

Most of what is sold in fast food restaurants is calorie-dense and high in saturated fat, sugar and salt – and that includes even some of their salad concoctions. The biggest problem is that you have absolutely no idea how many calories are in the meal you order, and that’s what makes these restaurants a threat to your waistline, particularly if you’re trying to lose weight and get your body back in sync.

More formal restaurants aren’t quite such a problem because you have more choice and you can choose low-calorie options and limit what you order. If you’re served big portions, don’t feel obliged to eat everything on your plate. You can eat what you like, you’re paying the bill remember!

If you think you’ve eaten too much on an evening out, make the next day a Low Calorie Day. It’ll help reduce the effect of the extra calories.

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