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Snacks, cookies, candy, caken’ things

Cakes are particularly high in sugar. An individual cup cake can contain as much as 16 grams of sugar, that’s four teaspoons. That muffin you buy with your coffee in the morning can contain as much as 28 grams of sugar. That’s over your RDA, so beware!

Snacks are designed to tempt you. Many contain a toxic temptation: a combination of fat and salt to nudge your preferences, and sugar and caffeine to get you on the hook.

Snacks deliver lots of unnecessary calories. If you eat a good breakfast which will reduce your hunger hormone ghrelin, you won’t be stalked by hunger pangs throughout the day and feel the need to munch a chocolate bar. Snacks – sweet and savoury – should be occasional ‘treats’- not a part of your diet. Best not to store them at home and avoid

buying them during the day.

Snacks, an occasional treat, not part of your diet!

Preparation – let’s go shopping

Before you do, consider this.

Your knowledge of food, and how much sugar, salt, fat and fibre it contains will get much better over the next few weeks. This will influence what you buy and change your diet to one that keeps within your RDAs. Good things will start to happen. Your insulin levels will improve and you’ll move closer to getting back in sync with your evolutionary present. The secret is to experiment with new healthier foods and build up a list of things you enjoy eating, food that does you good, not harm.

Supermarkets are amazing but! It’s wise to remember that everything about the shopping experience has been designed to make you buy more. Walls of attractively-packaged processed food greet you. Carefully researched and designed algorithms manipulate and manage pricing. What you get on offer here, you pay for somewhere else. Offers and ‘healthy options’ are often designed to confuse rather than clarify, and they are masters of the science of product placement and layout. Supermarkets do a great job. They lure you in, and then direct your decision making.

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