Weight Loss Exercises At Work

Weight Loss Exercises At Work


Nail the breathing technique, kicking style and stroke timing and staying streamlined should come naturally. “It’s a product of all key parts ofthe stroke,” says Wadham. “But not lifting your head up during the stroke will help ensure your legs don’t drop and create drag.”


According to Baynes, “The best way to build your confidence up in deep water is to go into the pool and grip the edge, moving down the side. Then, gently, as you’re feeling more confident, taking one hand off at a time.”

If you’ve never swum with other people, make sure you follow the instead aim to keep your legs on top of the water. “Kick from the hips, not the knees and keep in mind that kicking for endurance swimmers accounts for very little ofyour forward motion – only about 10 per cent,” he explains. “Good swimmers are always horizontal with the water and you can see their feet constantly bubbling the surface.”

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The mistake most swimmers make here, according to Wadham, is pushing the water down at the top ofthe stroke, usually because they need to get their head above the water to breathe. “At the beginning ofthe stroke you need to be getting your elbow up and pulling water backwards not pushing it down,” he says. “Keep in mind that, as a swimmer, you are trying to go forward not up so pushing down equals no forward motion.”


Planning to hit the shops before you hit the pool? Here’s what should be on your list: “A swimsuit that actually covers your body,” advises Baynes. “Look for a training swimsuit that holds everything in place. A lot of women don’t like their cossies to be tight, but tight is actually better, so they don’t drag in the water.”

Next up: eyewear. “When buying goggles, make sure they fit your face. Ask the store to open them up so you can try them on,” says Baynes. “The ones that are hard-fit, small, racing-style goggles are generally not comfy for long periods oftime, so it’s best to find something with a bit of flex.”

And don’t forget a swimming cap! Not just for the sake ofthe pool filters that get clogged with hair, but because they’ll gift you a smoother, faster swim.

“Swimming almost becomes likeameditation. Thewater creates this environment where you feel cocooned”.


Mastering laps in the pool is one thing, but taking your swimming skills into open water is a whole different ballgame. “Open water swimming in the ocean is a really different experience, both physically and mentally,” says Brown. “Of course, there’s no big black line on the bottom ofthe ocean to follow, so navigating and swimming in a straight line can be tricky. Dealing with waves is also a challenge. Nobody likes getting a mouthful ofsalt water instead of air! ”

Negotiating the swell isn’t the only daunting aspect of venturing out into the ocean. “Open water swimming is also a challenge mentally because ofthe fears many people have about swimming in the ocean,” says Brown. “So you need to focus both on your swimming skills as well as on your mindset and fears ifyou are going to be able to relax and enjoy it.” Brown says there are a few things you can do in the pool and on dry land to prepare yourself. “In the pool, try swimming a few strokes with your eyes closed. (Don’t do it ifyou’re in the lanes at either side ofthe pool!) Once you realise how crooked you swim, you’ll understand the importance of‘sighting’ which is how you navigate in open water; by lifting your head to see where you’re going. To practise your sighting in the pool, lift your head a little and look at the end ofthe pool every 10-12 strokes. Don’t lift your head too high – you’re just trying to get a glimpse of where you are headed. You’ll probably feel very uncoordinated but keep practising!”

Ready to give the sea a go? Wadham suggests testing the waters in sheltered environments that offer protection from big waves and are netted (meaning no big fish to spook you!) and slip on some clear goggles and a swim-specificwetsuit, which will offer the security of added warmth and buoyancy. ”

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