Weight Loss Exercises

Before you start resistance exercises

First, find a space where you can do your exercises safely and in peace.


When you buy your weights, don’t buy heavy ones that you can only just lift. If you start with heavy weights, all you’ll do is injure yourself. It’s not the weight that’s important, but the number of repetitions you do. It’s the number of repetitions which burns off the fat. Get weights that you feel comfortable with. Take advice when you buy them. Start with a weight that feels almost too light. It will feel much heavier the more repetitions you do. You can always progress to a heavier weight later on.

Repetitions and sets

When doing an exercise involving weights, ‘High repetition, low weight’ will get you the best results. The idea is to repeat each exercise until you find you can’t do any more -without straining. Initially you may find that you can only manage 5 repetitions, but don’t be discouraged by this. Make 5 repetitions the number of repetitions in the set for this exercise and then repeat the set. As you progress you can change the number of repetitions in each set if you wish – or just repeat the set.

Always rest between each set of repetitions. Flex your muscles a little. When you lift your weights, don’t jerk them. Don’t lock your joints. Lift your weight slowly and gently, and lower it in a similar way. When doing an exercise not using weights slowly build up the number of repetitions you do in each set.


How you breathe when you take exercise is very important. Don’t hold your breath when you lift your weights. Breathe naturally: exhale when you lift your weight, and inhale when you lower your weight.

48 hours

You should leave 48 hours in between every resistance training session. This will allow your muscles to recover, and give you optimum weight loss. Resistance exercises will build up your muscle and burn fat. These exercises have been put together so that you can do them at home. No great expense is required. All you’ll need is a set of weights and you’re ready to go.

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