Weight Loss Tips Pinterest

Weight Loss Tips Pinterest


Potassium eliminates for exercises full workout blood impurities, reduces high blood pressure, improves blood circulation. Sodium keeps minerals soluble within the bloodstream and controls blood pressure.

Sulphur provides oxygen to the blood, required for the development of blood haemoglobin. Chlorine purifies the blood and regulates blood pressure.

Fluorine increases the number of blood cells.

Iron is vital for blood haemoglobin production.

Manganese assists in the formation of red blood cells with iron and copper.

Cobalt maintains red blood cells. Other essential nutrients for the blood system are chromium, vanadium, and vitamins C, F, K, P, and B complex.



The diagram on the right shows the six main types of cells.

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A cell is defined as a small mass of protoplasm containing a nucleus with the following abilities:

1. assimilation of nourishment.

2. growth and repair.

3. reproduction.

4. excretion of waste.

5. power of movement.

Protoplasm consists of the following substances: organic compounds as protein, fatty substances, carbohydrates, inorganic salts and water.

Within the structure of every living cell there is a code stored in the DNA molecule with the unique ability to issue instructions for the reproduction of identical new cells via the RNA (ribonucleic acid) at the outer boundary of cells. There is a constant flow of nutrients within each cell that occurs millions of times a day within the body. All cells require a combination of glucose, minerals, vitamins, oxygen and water.

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