Weird Beauty Tips

Weird Beauty Tips

Small cuts and scratches are some of the most common household injuries, especially where young children are concerned. Lavender is an excellent first-aid remedy for all sorts of skin abrasions or wounds due to its excellent antiseptic and wound-healing properties. It is so gentle that it does not sting the exposed raw skin, and it acts as a mild anaesthetic and encourages a rich flow of blood to the damaged area. It also prevents scarring:

I grabbed the lavender oil and poured it over the wound. Without pain of any description, I promise you that I stood and watched the gaping hole close before my eyes By evening I had a small scar that looked rather like a wrinkle, and the following morning even the wrinkle had disappeared.

Even stubborn sores or wounds will ofen respond to lavender:

Infected sore on the posterior side of the instep, dating back 18 days. All the usual methods had been tried: dry and wet dressings, ointments and powders. One application of lavender. Twenty-four hours later, the sore was dry and healed.

Clean the area thoroughly with water, then dab on a few drops of pure lavender oil. Apply a plaster (adhesive bandage) if required. Continue to apply the lavender oil neat several times a day until the skin has healed.

Other measures: pure tea tree oil can be used as an altemative.


Cystitis is a bacterial infection of the bladder, more common among women than men. It is characterized by a frequent need to urinate, a painful burning sensation while passing water (which is ofen cloudy) and sometimes feverishness. Many attacks of cystitis start as urethritis – an infection of the urethra.

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