What A Man Should Carry In His Wallet Mens Leather Billfolds Male Style Fashion Advice

What-A-Man-Should-Carry-In-His-Wallet-Mens-Leather-Billfolds-Male-Style-Fashion-Advice Hi. I­m Carl Centeno, the founder of this style blog and today, I­m going to be talking about Men­s wallets: what to carry in your wallet Okay, if you haven­t already, please comment to our my blog. By doing that, these posts will come right to you. In addition, right below is the like button.

What A Man Should Carry In His Wallet Mens Leather Billfolds Male Style Fashion Advice Photo Gallery

If you like this post, if you find it useful, I would appreciate it if you would like it and if you want to learn more about Men­s wallets or Men­s style in general, I­ll link you to some useful articles below so go ahead and click down there in the description and you­re going to see I link you to some useful articles. So let­s go ahead and talk about this. What goes into a man­s wallet? This came about because I put up another article talking about different types of wallets and then I think there are a few people that emailed me and they were questioning about Okay, well what do you carry on my wallet? So let me go ahead and break down my wallet and this is probably what I carry about half of the time and it­s really ± it­s pretty simple. I carry my identification so my Wisconsin­s driver­s license, two credit cards. I also carry Beans and Books; it­s my favorite coffee store and my Roundys rewards card. Yup, that­s right. I get discounts when I go to the grocery store. And I always carry about $100 cash. I think even though we live in a society where you can go without cash, cash is still king in certain little areas and you just need to have and always have a little bit of small change. Have a few ones. Have some fives just in case you need to tip somebody. The last one and that­s something that kind of surprised me that I don­t think many people ± I mean, think about, I always carry an emergency set of five business cards and I keep them in this little black pouch to protect, to keep them from getting rough edges but I always just keep about five cards in there and I go through and I replenish that whenever it needs it but my whole reasoning is that you never know and when I go to the networking events, I­m always wearing a sports jacket so actually I keep business cards in one of my inside pockets so I­ve always go back up business cards there but I find that so many times you­re going to met somebody and you never expect that this person could be someone that could really introduce you to somebody or this could be a great potential business partner or perhaps you­re interested in following up with this person because you­re physically attracted to them.

You want to have a business card. You want to have some way to stay in touch and so I can­t stress that enough. Always have a business card. Well, you may be saying, I don­t have my own business. Why do I need a business card? Well, get a calling card put together and I­ll link you down below to the Art of Manliness and they talk about calling cards. I think it­s a very classy way to introduce yourself and to have something that you can remind somebody of who you are and what you stand for. It­s something unique and it­s about standing out. Okay, getting back to wallets. Where do I carry the ± other half of the time, I use the money clip and money clips are really nice because I don­t have to have anything on my back pocket. As you can see, this one is really small. It­s got my Texas Longhorns on it but that right there, I use the other half. I can put that in my front pocket.

When I wear a suit, I never have a wallet in my back pocket. I just think it looks bad and in fact, a lot of my trousers, any of the ones I had made in the last couple years, there are no back pockets so it can­t even attempt it. I also like ± I feel because as if pickpocket concerns, I like to have hidden pockets so actually in my trousers, I­ve got hidden pockets as well that a pickpocket would be very ± he­d have to be very intimate I guess in trying to find those but the other 5% of the time, I­ve got other specialty wallets. This is a passport wallet that I use whenever I­m traveling in a suit. If I­m not traveling in a suit and I­m traveling with my family, I­ve got this bigger wallet that I use. When it comes down to it, I always think less is more so more than 99.9% of the time, I do not need those big wallets. If you­ve got a big wallet, you­re going to fill that thing so always go for the smallest wallet because you­re going to find a lot of times ± a lot of guys carry things they do not need to be carrying. Your social security card, you do not need to be carrying that. How often are you applying for a job or do you need ± have a copy of it ± don­t even have a copy of it. Scan it and have it on your iPhone and I­ve got this on Dropbox and so I can always access my stuff but do not carry your original social security card number. Do not carry expired credit cards or you don­t really need ± why do you need more than two credit cards? I mean if you got a JC Penny­s cards, if you­ve got a card, if you­ve got a gas card, all of these, you need to ask yourself, Well, do I need to be carrying them in my wallet? Can I get that gas card? and if you use that gas card, Can I just put that in my vehicle and keep it stored in my glove compartment.

So always look to keep a small wallet and get rid of anything you don­t need to be carrying and guys, get rid of that condom that­s been in your wallet for five years. If you do happen to use it, it­s not going to be very safe because that thing probably is all torn up and has holes in it. All right guys, so that­s what I carry in my wallet. Hopefully you found this post useful. If you did, well go ahead and I­ve talked about wallets before and I invite you to come visit us at this style blog. I­m writing a lot of useful content, not just about wallets but about everything pertaining to Men­s style and I think you­re really going to enjoy it. Okay, I­ll see you in the next post. Take care. Bye-bye.

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