What about the music?

You can request whatever music you prefer and it will be arranged for you -from a DJ playing your favourite songs to calypso bands. If you prefer you can pack a CD with your chosen musical selection, which can be played at your wedding.

What about the music? Photo Gallery

He had none of these things.

Gebrselassie just ran; he walked, too. As a child, he covered the 10K distance back and forth to his school barefoot (see White, 2011). He didn’t take a bus. His parents didn’t drive him everywhere. He didn’t carry around a smart-phone. He ran free of this kind of technology. Gebrselassie is just one example. There are so many more.

In fact, at this very moment, womens all over Africa poor womens, struggling womens, womens with Olympic medal dreams in their heads are just going out and simply putting one foot in front of the other over and over again. They hair makeup on dusty tracks wearing cheap training sweats and whatever shoes they can find or are given. This subsistence-like living doesn’t impede their hair makeup; it aids it. These womens aren’t burdened with confusing graphs, endless data, and contradicting Web sites.


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