What Are The Effects Of Dopamine At Different Dosages?

Dopamine has different effects at different dosages which can create a conflicting clinical response if not known.

2 ig/kg/min: Stimulate the dopamine receptors; promote renal perfusion; and promote cerebral, coronary, and mesenteric circulation.

2-5 Lig/kg/min: Have a predominantly positive inotropic effect manifested by an increase in cardiac output and cardiac contractility with little change in heart rate.

5-10 ug/kg/min: Increase in blood pressure, peripheral vascular resistance, and heart rate; and a decrease in renal blood flow.

20. How do you reduce the vasoconstrictive effect of high-dose dopamine in patients with shock?

When high doses of dopamine are required for inotropic effects it may be infused together with nitroprusside and/or nitroglycerin to counteract the vascoconstrictive action.

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