What are the legal requirements?

They vary from country to country, but in general you must be over 20 years of age and need your British passports, original copies of your Birth Certificates and documentation regarding any previous marriages or if you are widowed or divorced. Some countries have additional costs for legalisation and translation of documents. If you book through a tour operator, such as Kuoni, Thomas Cook, Turquoise and Sandals, your dedicated wedding team will give you full details at the time of your booking.

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Being trained as a doula, as well as a mother of four, she immediately called and quizzed me thoroughly ” asking if I’d received permission from my OB (which I hadn’t), as well as the qualifications of the massage therapist in relation to high-risk pregnancies (which I didn’t know). She acknowledged while I may be in discomfort, I should cancel the massage. After all, I would feel horrible if I did anything to jeopardize my pregnancy. She assured me it would only be a few weeks until baby was born and I could go for a proper massage, without having to worry about complications. When I told this story to my OB, she confirmed I was not to have massages. She also made me cancel my weekly visits from my chiropractor as I got closer to my 36-week c-section date; it was good while it lasted. It is important you find out what in-home services you are allowed. Remember, what was allowed in week one of your bed rest may not be allowed in week four. Always check with your OB or midwife first. Pack for the Hospital There is no shortage of lists available on the Internet or in pregnancy books about what to bring to the hospital ” for you and your baby.

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