What Color Dress Shoes Does A Man Wear With A Light Grey Mens Suit Male Style Tips Advice

What Color Dress Shoes Does A Man Wear With A Light Grey Mens Suit Male Style Tips Advice Hi. I’m Carl Centeno, the founder of this style blog. And today we’re going to be talking about what color of shoes to wear with a light grey suit. Okay. If you haven’t already, please comment to our my blog. By doing that, these posts will come right to you. In addition, if you like this post, if you find it useful, I would appreciate it if you would Like it down below. And finally, I’m going to be linking you to an article on the grey suit. So that’s right down here and it’s right below the link, because I also would link it to the page where you can get my free 47-page e-book. It’s a great e-book. I get compliments on it every single day.

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It’s full of solid info. But again, right below that is going to be the link to the article on the grey suits, so if you want to read more about light grey suits. Okay. I received this question from tbone007princess. All right, tbone, we need to talk about that name. Things like this, is why I love you too. “Great posts. I have a light grey suit that is mainly worn at fairly informal weddings and such in the summer. My question, do brown shoes and belt work with a light grey or am I best off just sticking with the black? As a side note, if this helps, I’m young, tall and a slim individual with dark brown hair.” All right. Well, tbone007princess, good question and let me go ahead and hit it on this. Okay.

So black is safe. Black, you’re not going to get in trouble with. Once you start getting into brown shoes, and it depends on how conservative you are, all of a sudden, yes it does get the belt more questionable. But I can tell you that if it’s a light grey suit, brown shoes and a brown belt, if you want to match as you always, is perfectly fine. And especially since again, you’re again, you’re young and it sounds like you’re tall and thin. Now, if you were, let’s say short and petite then I would say, maybe go for something that closer matches the grey and maybe even go for a little bit darker grey. And what that’s going to do is create a slimmer silhouette. Lighter suits, they sometimes can make it look little bit wider. And if you go with something that has bit of too much for contrast, it’s going to draw attention, let’s say to the feet or to the mid section, then that what’s brown does sometimes. But it sounds like you’ve got a built which this is going to complement. So I would say go with the brown. Where you’ve got – and where the confusion comes from is that, if you look at the family of grace, I mean they’re variations of blacks.

So it’s black with white introduced. And so it goes back to, you’re not supposed to mix black with brown. Now I don’t completely agree with that because I’ve seen some very stylish men pull this off. But that’s the key word, is you’ve got to understand the basics of style. So my advice – I mean if you’re asking a question like this, is to go to my Style Guide or to go to Ask Andy, to go to Style Form, to go buy a book by you know, Bernhard Roetzel or Alan Flusser and start reading up on the sex. It’s really – once you get those fundamentals down, then you start to look at this and you realize that it’s not really that complicated of a question. It’s actually a offshoot of a very easy one. And the easy one is, normally you don’t mix the black and brown unless you understand the rules. And once you understand the rules, then you can bend them and you can wear whatever you want. You just – again, wear it with confidence and it sounds like, again, what I would focus on is to make sure that light grey suit fits you and go out there and look great. All right. This is again Carl Centeno with Real Men Real style.

I hope you enjoyed the post and I’ll see in the next one. Bye-bye.

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