What does the IUI procedure involve pregnancy?

What does the IUI procedure involve pregnancy?

Your partner will have to provide a sperm sample, which will be washed and sorted to make sure that only the healthiest sperm are used. These are then placed into the uterus using a catheter that has been inserted via the cervix. Treatment takes only a few minutes and generally causes little or no pain. A few women experience some cramping afterwards. You will be advised to lie down for 30 minutes after treatment, and to rest for a while thereafter.

IUI takes place as close to ovulation as possible. Some clinics schedule two treatments, one just before ovulation and the other during ovulation. Ask your clinic which protocol (method of treatment) it follows. To predict ovulation accurately, you will have ultrasound scans at regular intervals, and you will also have to use a home ovulation kit to detect the surge of luteinizing hormone (LH) that occurs around ovulation.

IUI is often carried out alongside ovulation induction treatment, including an hCG injection (146).

If this is the case, it is not a form of treatment that can be used repeatedly.

Who is IUI suitable for pregnancy?

There are a number of situations where IUI might be considered. These include the following: when the woman is aged 35 or under when a woman has been using OI drugs but the treatment on its own has been unsuccessful for women whose fallopian tubes are not blocked m where there is unexplained infertility where there is no problem with sperm quality and the sperm count is OK, ie, there are a minimum 1 million washed sperm per millilitre. for artificial insemination via donor sperm for gay couples.

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