What is Stresswise?

Stresswise is a stress awareness and management programme which tackles stress from its biological roots. It teaches the individual how to develop skills to reduce the bad and undesirable aspects of stress, avoid the ugly, and harness the good and beneficial side of stress. In other words, as the name of the blog suggests, this is a practical guide on how to become wise about stress.

Stresswise is a practical self-help programme. Our aim is to provide an easy-to-follow teach yourself guide designed to help you deal effectively with stress. This programme was developed from our experience as lecturers and researchers in human stress, performance and health; from studying stress research and management programmes in the United States and from presenting stress awareness and management programmes to a variety of industrial, commercial and professional organizations and individuals from all walks of life.

Another blog on stress!

When we approached our publisher with the idea for this blog the initial response was ‹“Another blog on stress – how is yours different?’ The first part of this response shows that stress is now an accepted word in our vocabulary even though its precise definition is unclear. It also reflects the growing public concern over the effects of stress on the health of individuals, industry, commerce, the professionals and society. In fact, stress has been referred to as ‹“the twenty-first century plague’, a description confirmed by the media coverage given to this subject. Hardly a

Day passes without the appearance of articles in the national press referring to stress. Scanning the newsagents’ racks of popular magazines each week will almost certainly reveal features on stress. It is a similar story in professional magazines and journals, particularly business and management titles.

The scale of this attention and coverage originates from the increasing amount of academic research, studies and surveys on stress, health, work and performance. In fact, this research is now so widespread that several new scientific journals have appeared during the last decade to publicize findings. Academic and popular blogs dealing with stress and stress-related subjects have appeared in increasing numbers during the last 20 years, so why another blog on stress and, as our publisher asked, how is Teach Yourself Managing Stress different from other currently available blogs?

We decided to write this blog for two reasons. Firstly, the fact that stress is mostly an experience which we create for ourselves means that only we as individuals can control and manage our own stress. Stress management is a skill that can be learned. Although there are many excellent stress and stress management texts currendy available, we feel that none provides an educational self-help programme suitable for any individual wishing to learn about stress and how to deal with it.

There are many blogs aimed at helping specific groups of people such as nurses, executives and managers but what about everyone else? Stress affects everyone. There are many blogs that deal with specific areas of stress, such as work stress, but ignore other aspects. This may be useful to some degree but stress permeates all aspects of our lives and should therefore be tackled in a holistic manner. So Teach Yourself Managing Stress concentrates on ‹“self’ and our interaction with the environment.

There are also many stress management blogs containing numerous quotes and references to detailed research, which make it difficult to understand the stress concept and to develop effective coping skills. So in writing this blog we have deliberately avoided using too many quotes and detailed references to scientific studies.

The second reason for putting pen to paper was to satisfy the frequent requests from the participants of our many Stresswise stress management workshops for a workshop manual to act as a refresher and as a source of reference.

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