What was it like filming Googlebox?

This Christmas, the Gogglebox people hand the remote to 10 sets of kids aged five to 12. Over to BFFs Stephanie and Christina, and Jacob and Connor…

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Jacob (left): I like playing football and politics. Connor: I love acting, singing and playing the piano.

Which programmes did you watch for this?

J: Two news shows – one about David Cameron. C: Bake Off and competition-type programmes. What’s the worst thing on TV?

J: Emmerdale. My Grandma watches it!

C: My Little Pony!

J: At first I was nervous and it did look funny having cameras at home. But then it felt normal. C: It was really fun and exciting.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Stephanie (left): I’m clumsy and a chatterbox. Christina: I like music and I’m a bit sporty. What did you watch for this?

S: The film Frozen and a nature programme. C: We watched the news, Bake Off and film The Snowman. I liked Bake Off the best. What’s the worst thing on TV?

S: My worst thing is probably Jekyll& Hyde. C: The news – sometimes it’s really scary. What was it like filming Gogglebox?

S: The film crew were nice, but I never dreamed there would be so much equipment. C: It felt strange – when you watch TV .ou’re not normally being filmed.

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