Wheat is the most dominant and versatile grain in the world, however, the greatest benefits of wheat are not obtained from products such as bread and cereals. In fact, numerous health problems can be attributed to the excess consumption of refined wheat products. The ultimate value from the humble wheat grain is obtained from sprouted wheat and wheatgrass shoots that are pressed into a juice, termed wheatgrass juice. Most juice bars prepare and applaud its health and healing benefits. Dr. G.H. Earp Thomas, a soil expert, calculated that 1kg of wheatgrass is equivalent to 12kg of the choicest vegetables. For those people who are brave enough to sip or skol a dose of wheatgrass juice, it is obvious from the taste and head rush that it certainly is a potent tonic. The chlorophyll content is the major contributor of benefits, especially as it is obtained so fresh and alive with enzymes and living nutrients. Usually, a small quantity, a shot (approx.10 teaspoons or 35g), is taken and surprisingly the nutrients from such a small serve are enormous (refer to chart below). Apart from supplying over 12 minerals and 13 vitamins, wheatgrass juice provides lycopene at 830mcg thats one-third that of tomatoes, but still provides proven protection from breast, lung and prostate cancer. Its a powerful antioxidant and anti-tumour factor, able to fight against diseases caused by oxidative stress. The vitamin C content is 4 times as potent as oranges and the vitamin A (beta carotene) value is 47,700 IU per 100g, or 16,600 IU per 10 teaspoon serve thats potent! Both vitamin A and C protect against cancer. But back to chlorophyll: wheatgrass juice provides 185mg per 35g serve, the ultimate promoter of health and healing, as chlorophyll is loaded with oxygen.

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According to the Nobel prize winner, Dr Otto Warburg, oxygen deprivation is a major contributor to cancer. Obviously, exercise is the ideal way to oxygenate the blood, but for those people with chronic illnesses, wheatgrass juice can provide renewed supply of oxygen, direct into the bloodstream, within 15 minutes. Smoking, alcohol, pollution, drugs, fatty foods and high-protein cooked foods all deplete oxygen in the bloodstream

The chemical composition of chlorophyll is nearly identical to human blood, except it is based on a magnesium atom instead of an iron atom This unique structure of chlorophyll was described by Dr Birscher, a research scientist, as concentrated sun power. He stated it increases the functions of the circulatory system and the lungs, plus neutralises toxins, cleanses and rebuilds the body. Wheatgrass juice assists the body to manufacture healthy new red blood cells, haemoglobin.

Wheatgrass juice assists in the elimination of toxins such as fatty deposits, calcifications, hardened mucus, faecal matter and crystallised acids, plus it purifies the liver, cleanses the skin and can remove heavy metals from the body. One shot per day will provide renewed energy, healing of various ailments and a positive outlook, due to the remarkable supply of living nutrients, such as the rich iron content (8.7mg). In this era of depleted, processed and snack foods, the shot a day may be the simple answer to the hectic pace of city living. Make it at home, get it from shops, buy a juice bar; whatever, just remember, wheatgrass juice is tops for healing!

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