When Can I Expect Treatment To Begin Pregnancy?

When can I expect treatment to begin pregnancy?

How many people in my/our situation have you treated in the last two years and how many have had a baby pregnancy? What are your overall statistics pregnancy?

What kind of counselling/support do you provide pregnancy? If this treatment doesn't work, do I have any other options pregnancy?

What happens once the results from the preliminary tests are back pregnancy?

If your tests reveal there are problems, your GP will refer you to a specialist at a fertility clinic who will be responsible for your ongoing treatment. _Depending on the results, you may then be referred to a gynaecologist who is a specialist in reproductive medicine (and therefore trained in dealing with men and women together), a urologist (if the man has urological or erectile/ejaculatory problems), or a clinical andrologist (who specializes in all problems related to men's reproduction). Tests will then be done to investigate any problems further and to determine which form of fertility treatment might be most suitable for you as a couple.

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