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Glove Anesthesia Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique

Once you have developed the Hand Levitation method for entering your level, you can program the Glove Anesthesia Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique. Glove Anesthesia is a mental workout and fitness technique that you can practice to develop control over physiological pain and, in many cases, control of bleeding and hemorrhaging.

Glove Anesthesia is the development of a feeling on your less strong hand. Any feeling other than the normal will be considered Glove Anesthesia – a feeling of coolness or coldness, a tingling sensation, a vibration, a numbness as though your hand is asleep, feeling as if you are wearing a leather glove, feeling that your hand is made of wood or feeling as if you have no hand. Any out-of-the-ordinary sensation is suitable for Glove Anesthesia.

In the instructions given below, consider your anesthetized hand to be your cold hand. Also in the instructions, you will be asked to test your other hand for anesthesia. You can do this by pinching it gently or feeling it with your other hand. Does it feel cold? Is it less sensitive to the touch?

If you wish, you can record the following instructions for Glove Anesthesia onto an audio recorder and play it back after you have entered your level with the Hand Levitation method.

We will now program Glove Anesthesia.

At this time, imagine placing your stronger hand into a container of hot water that is next to your chair, (pause) The water is hot, and you can stand the temperature. Bring back a memory of having your hand in hot water – any time that you can recall vividly, (pause) Feel the steaming hot water between your fingers, (pause) Feel your hand pulsing with heat, (pause) Now lift your hand out of the hot water and let it rest on your lap. (pause)

Now place your other hand into an imaginary container of ice water with cracked ice, standing by your side, (pause) Recall a time when you had your hand in ice water, (pause) Feel the ice water and cracked ice between your fingers, (pause)

Allow your hand to remain in the ice water for several moments and imagine it getting colder and colder as you review some of the projects that you are programming for. (pause)

Now, keeping your eyes closed, lift your hand out of the ice water and hold it over and behind your head, keeping your hand from touching your head, (pause) Let your hand dry and get colder in

this position. I will tell you when to bring it down. Continue to keep your eyes closed.

As soon as you learn to develop Glove Anesthesia, and after testing it and becoming satisfied with the results, start practicing the transferring of this anesthesia to other parts of the body. First practice transferring this anesthesia from one hand to the other by placing the anesthetized hand over the other hand for a few seconds, then test the other hand for anesthesia.

When this has become effective, practice transferring the anesthesia from either hand to any other part of the body. This is done by placing either hand over that part of the body and holding it in that position for a few seconds.

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Finally you can learn, by practicing, to program yourself so that by concentrating on any discomfort and mentally saying the word gone, the discomfort will be gone.

Now bring your hand down, place it on your lap, and test it for coldness and insensibility with your other hand, (pause) Now remove all abnormal feeling from your hand by rubbing it three times with your other hand, from the wrist toward the fingers, bringing all feeling back to normal, (pause) Your hand now feels as it did before this exercise.

You may reinforce the effects of this workout and fitness technique by practice.

It is fine to use Glove Anesthesia to control pain and speed the healing process, but remember that we are not doctors and that any time you are dealing with your health, work under your doctors supervision.

Use your imagination when doing this programming. A vivid imagination will make it happen.

Some people, in order to get Glove Anesthesia to work for them, have gotten containers of hot and cold water and actually placed their hands into the water before they programmed so it would be easier to recall the feeling when they were at their level programming this workout and fitness technique.

Remember that you do not want to leave your hands anesthetized, so rub your anesthetized hand with the other hand, as though you were removing a glove, rubbing from the wrist toward the fingers, to remove all abnormal feeling.

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