Finding your place with exercise is key to maintaining a disciplined schedule. The first choice to make is outdoors vs. indoors. Some people rebel against the confinement of a gym or class or even of their own home. If you choose to exercise out of doors, you can design a very adequate program that promotes aerobic fitness and increases your flexibility. It is more difficult to build strength with a program that is exclusively done outdoors. You may want to combine outdoor workouts in fair weather with indoor workouts in foul. Good all-around outdoor activities include fast walking, running, cycling, and cross country skiing. If you are up to skating, both ice and inline skating are excellent aerobic workouts. Swimming is one of the best conditioning undertakings and can make persons with low vision, feel quite relaxed since vision is not critical to successful swimming.

If you like indoor exercising or need to limit your-self to indoor workouts, the next choice to make is whether to purchase home equipment or go to a gym or both. Working out in a gym has many benefits in general. There is a wider variety of equipment than any home gym could acquire. There are trained staff people to help. It may be possible to take classes in special forms of exercise along with designing your own workout. Aerobic workouts, strength training, and flexibility building classes can usually be found in one spot.


Persons with limited sight may have special considerations in using a gym, however. Getting to and from the gym and navigating it are things to consider. However, all exercise progresses better when done with a friend or companion. If you find a companion with whom to exercise, consider yourself fortunate. If this person can also help with transportation, assuming you need this help, so much the better.

Working out at home offers the advantage of a familiar surrounding and the possibility of your partner or family member participating. It is limited by the types of workouts you can do. One advantage, though, is that you can purchase videos to instruct you in unfamiliar routines or types of exercise. Usually libraries and video stores have these available for loan, giving you an opportunity to find one you really like before purchasing it.

However, dont expect to be satisfied with one video for too long. If you are making progress, you will want to upgrade from time to time. If your vision is low, a family member can help you assume the positions or do the steps shown on the video while you freeze the action.

Speaking of getting help, consider hiring a coach or personal trainer. A trainer can help you design your program whether you are at home or using a gym. They are accustomed to working with persons at all skill and fitness levels, so dont think you need to be Adonis to use one. They will tailor their work to help you meet your own personal goals. They do not merely show up with a workout for you. By the way, you dont need goals like adding two inches to your biceps. Simply wanting to exercise three times a week and strengthen a sore lower back are good enough to begin.

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