White Glo Diamond Series Whitening System

Save your smile Want to keep your pearly whites in tip-top shape? Step away from that can of lemonade. According to a new study published in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry, your daily soda or juice is taking a serious toll on your chompers due to its hefty sugar levels.

During the study, researchers found that 80 per cent of people showed signs of overall tooth wear, with sugary drinks found responsible for most cases of significant tooth erosion.

Swap the sweet stuff for a glass of milk or a bite of cheese, though, and scientists from the Academy of General Dentistry say you’ll up the pH levels in your mouth, which helps keep your teeth protected from wear and tear. Once you’ve given the cavities a flick brighten up your smile with a little at-home teeth whitening. WF loves: White Glo Diamond Series Whitening System, $19.99, whiteglo.com

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