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At the end of our first day, we checked into an amazing guesthouse in Knysna, but couldn’t really enjoy the scenic views because of the heavy rain and fog. The next morning, just as the fog was lifting, and shortly before we were set to make our way to Hermanus, Amy snuck away from breakfast back to our room. When I came down to the room, she lured me to the balcony under the guise of taking photos, and there I spotted her Lego-of-the-day with a sign that read: Will you marry me? Needless to say, I (and my Lego-of-the-day) said, yes!

Amy bought me a beautiful silver chain Tiffany & Co. ring, and once we got to Hermanus, I bought her a silver band. We celebrated the engagement with family and friends throughout our South African trip before heading back to the USA.

Mine was the unconventional proposal. We proposed to each other. We had a discussion, a conversation if you will, about our future, and whether we wanted to spend it together.

There was no getting on one knee and ring in the glass business, or a romantic candle lit dinner, we were lying in bed one Sunday morning and asked each other the big question: Should we get married? It was a question that we had discussed several times, over many dinners, but realised that we should maybe take it to the next step and actually tie the knot. In our PJs, and before a cup of coffee, we deliberated just to ensure that we were both on the same page moving forward. And we really were.

It was very clear that we were right for each other because we both replied yes. The engagement was christened with a romantic weekend away with friends to Pearly Beach, just outside of Hermanus. Next on the list was the hunt for rings, and we were very specific that we wanted Russian wedding bands. Proving to be too costly, we decided to have replica versions made, intertwined in silver that signified holy matrimony.

The day I said yes may seem very unromantic to most but it was perfect for me.

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