Why Fat Foods Should Be Excluded

The reason for limiting the use of eggs, cream, butter, milk and fat meats, and fish as well as other cholesterol-rich foods should be clear. However, a point worth stressing is that even fatty foods of vegetable origin such as nuts, avocado, and the various oils must be used in moderate quantities or even entirely omitted until positive results have been attained. All fat foods are difficult to digest, and as a result can impair the heart and the blood vessels.

Table salt is excluded in heart disease, hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, and in the diseases of the kidneys, because sodium, one of the elements of table salt, is eliminated through the kidneys and can be a burden to them.

Furthermore, when the kidneys are damaged or weakened they are unable to eliminate all the sodium, and when it is retained in the body it often causes the accumulation of fluid.

Some authorities insist that even the foods that contain sodium in organic form, among them fruits and vegetables, should be excluded from the diet. This is not only unnecessary but in the long run actually may be harmful, since it deprives the body of many valuable nutritional elements. The authorities who exclude the sodium-containing foods fail to realise that many of the sodium-containing foods are essential for good nutrition, while table salt is not a food but a load on the kidneys.

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