Why you need to learn about the stress response

Almost everyone we have taught and counselled agrees that gaining an awareness and understanding of the stress response is an important and necessary step in the bid to deal effectively with stress. You need to learn about the biology of the stress response if you are to understand and appreciate how to recognize the signs and symptoms of stress, how stress can lead to health problems and affect performance, and the way in which stress can arise through the way we behave. More importantly, you will know something about the biological O reasons for carrying out the coping exercises we describe in Part CO

Three, and you will also appreciate why these coping strategies have been adopted.

What follows is a very simplified general account of a complex response, much of which is not yet fully understood. We advise you to read this chapter carefully. It will help you understand why you get stressed, how stress affects you, the consequences of stress to your health, relationships and performance and the reasons for practising stress management techniques.

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