Will I be able to see my child?

My young son lives with his father as I was unable to look after him. Now that I am feel stronger, I would like to see him regularly but his dad is making it difficult. Do you think my ex will ever let me have more contact? I’m sorry to hear of your struggles and hope the situation improves for you soon. Being denied contact with your son must be very distressing. The good news is that your astrological birth chart shows a happier and more positive time is around the corner. I also see some tense situations, which probably includes the difficulties you are going through at the moment with your son’s father.

Your more serious outlook and inner strength will bring positive changes over the year ahead, but it won’t all be easy. You have obstacles to overcome and it is unlikely your ex will change his tune straight away. I recommend that you seek professional advice, as you are entitled to claim assistance through Legal Aid, or contact the Citizen’s Advice Bureau as they may give free legal advice. I intuitively feel this is a problem that is unlikely to be resolved without outside help.‚

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