Winged Puff Pocket Square Fold How to Fold Pocket Squares For Jacket Post Tutorial

How to Fold a Pocket Square The Winged Puff Gentlemen, its time to level up your pocket square game whether youve got a special event coming up or you just want to rock a new look, Ive got the perfect pocket square fold to get you compliments. Today, were going to learn how to fold the Winged Puff. Despite the name, the Winged Puff doesnt actually bear much resemblance to the Puff fold. The Winged Puff fold has a very unique look that will grab attention without being over the top.

Winged Puff Pocket Square Fold How to Fold Pocket Squares For Jacket Post Tutorial Photo Gallery

The main characteristics of the Winged Puff fold are. One, its a casual fold with a bit of a flashy appearance making it a great choice for social events and celebrations. Two, it looks best with sports jackets, blazers, or a casual suit. Three, the Winged Puff fold work great with either solid or patterned pocket squares. To get started with the Winged Puff fold, lay the pocket square on a flat surface, flip it so the inside is facing up. Fold the pocket square in half taking the top corner and bringing it down to the bottom of the corner. Take the right corner and fold it down to the bottom corner, then the do the same with the left corner. Flip the square over, then fold in the sides in the back. How much you fold on this step is determined by the size of your jacket pocket and the size of the pocket square. Now, place the square in your jacket pocket. You may need to make some small adjustments until youre happy with the look. You can adjust it so the slit in the middle is a wide or narrow as you like.

For the best look, I recommend having 2 and 2.5 inches of this square peaking out of the pocket. Showing a lot more or quite a bit less, you wont really get the look youre looking for. All suits and sport jacket pockets are little different in width, so make sure the fold doesnt end up too narrow or too wide for your pocket. Just readjust the width if it isnt fitting properly in your jacket. There you go gentlemen if you want to grab some attention and get flooded with compliments, look no further than the Winged Puff fold for your next wedding or social event. Before you go, what did you think of that pocket square in the post? Wouldnt you like to get it for free? Guys, I typically sell these beautiful pocket squares for $25 each, but to support my early bird notification squad, the guys who watch my posts within hours of them being released, Im giving away five hundred of these pocket squares for free. The only thing you need to do is cover shipping and handling. Sorry guys, I aint your sugar daddy. To get your free pocket square, use the link and discount code in the post description and act fast, these are going to go quick. Now, if you happen to miss out on this great deal, Im sorry. But, I dont want you to miss out on the next one, so make sure to sign up now for e-mail notifications, that way youll be able to watch my posts when they first come out and take advantage of the deals just like this in the future.

For step-by-step guide on the Winged Puff fold, check out the article and infographic at my blog.

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