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Torso and Spine

It is much easier to comprehend how the torso is reflected in or fits on to the body of the feet once you have grasped the concept of your two feet together representing your whole body.The key to such understanding lies in the fact that the spinal line runs right down and along the insteps of your feet, where they finally meet if you put them firmly together In your feet the whole of you comes together


The ball of each foot represents one side of your chest. So in the balls of your feet, and on the same area on the top of your feet, Womens medium curly haircuts lie the reflexes to your lungs, air passages, heart, thymus gland, breast, shoulders and everything contained in your chest. The whole area is bounded by your diaphragm, the important reflex that lies across the base of the ball of each foot.


In your instep, where your feet are not weight-bearing and are therefore not padded like the ball, you will find contained all the reflexes to your abdominal organs – those concerned with digestion and those dealing with the maintenance and well-being of life.This crucial area is clearly bounded by the diaphragm line above, and also by the heel line that lies below.

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