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Hi everybody, Welcome back to my blog, I always get requests to create some kind of makeup tutorial for the eyes that is really simple really minimal and easy to create, I go to school myself and, I always sure to find a product for my face that is white and with great coverage and is by it cosmetics their CC cream it is amazing to start off with the eyes take a primer or some kind of base, I chose a NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk and apply the base all the way up to the crease and blend out with your ring finger all the way up to the eyebrows for this look, I want with very neutral shades. So the first shade I’ll be using is called Kashmir by it cosmetics their trio eyeshadow palette and naturally pretty matte luxe and take a flat shader brush and pack it on right up to the crease next take a big fluffy blending brush and pack on the color earth angel a matte beige and this color is a perfect transition color and blend this from the outer corner into the inner corner right above the crease next use a smaller blending brush and take the last eyeshadow which is called espresso a rich deep matte Brown and blend right into the outer corner to create a more defined crease that just gives the eyes more defined look for the eyeliner, I chose a rich brown shade by a cosmetics. If there are no tongue gel eyeliner in brown and you can use any color. But I wanted to do a softer eyeliner, I didn’t want to do intense black, I also didn’t taken the eyeliner all the way into the inner corner.

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Because, I wanted this to be a more subtle look for this makeup tutorial to finish off my eyes, I applied some mascara and, I used better than sex by toothpaste apply a coat or two make sure to both the top and bottom lashes have you ever gotten mascara on your eyelids man. If you didn’t you’re very lucky. But here’s a trick that, I do just take clean q-tip and very gently go in and take off the unnecessary mascara from both top and bottom and go back with a blending brush that you used to before and just touch up the eyeshadow to finish up this look take a nude lipstick or any lipstick of your choice, I chose Estee Lauder pur Envy it’s a beautiful pinky nude lipstick and then add some blush and bronzer and your makeup is all done for school and work it’s very easy very minimal and yet very pretty let me know what you think in the comments down below and please don’t forget to thumbs up this post check out my other hair tutorials and quick tip and makeup tutorials down below and. If you want to follow me on my social media sites thank you for reading this post and I’ll see you next time..

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