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A few months later, things took a dramatic turn for the better; ‹“I called Tina and asked whether she needed anything from me, and the next thing I knew I was doing the Grammys. Everything just took off from there.’ But it wasn’t all smooth sailing from the word go. ‹“The designers were not receptive initially. It was very difficult to pull clothes, but Miss Tina did an excBlognt job with Destiny’s Child; she created a lot f of amazing looks,’ he says. This was about 17 years ago before Beyonce went solo.

‹“It’s been a long journey, a roller coaster ride. It was a great time. The girls have grown up and are doing extremely well for themselves.’

Beyonce has grown indeed, and built a career of her own, broke records and garnered major social media buzz for the clothes that she wears on the red carpet, something Hunter is definitely part of.

Most recently, he was behind the star’s much talked about ensemble worn at this year’s China: Through the Looking Glass-themed Met Gala.

The process isn’t always smooth: ‹“We agree and disagree,’ he says candidly. ‹“Especially when it comes to the Met Gala. This year Riccardo Tisci came up with the sketches; there are usually like a million sketches, then we break it down to one, two or three that she might like, and we take it from there. Then he has to bring it to life; this is followed by numerous fittings and boom}. We have the Met Gala dress,’ he adds. ‹“And while it’s the designer’s vision of what the theme is, the designer, the client, and the stylist all have to come together. But most importantly, she has to be comfortable with it. And this particular look was a good one,’ he says of the bespoke peekaboo crystals and stones embellished haute couture Givenchy gown she wore, topped by ‹“that’ ponytail that was, in fact, a last minute tweak.

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