You Could Have Insulin Resistance without Realizing It

Although these symptoms might sound very serious and sobering. its important to realize that the initial stages of insulin resistance may develop and go unnoticed. You may not present any symptoms initially and any that do appear may be difficult to detect.

You might be thinking youre in the clear because you rarely feel fatigued. perform well at work or youre confident that you exercise enough and youre not overweight. However. the reality is that everyones body is very different and we all respond to sugar. insulin and even inflammation quite differently. The brain responds differently to a variety of factors. so you may not have symptoms like brain fogginess. or perhaps you just power through when youre thinking becomes sluggish or you just assume your occasional brain fog is normal and happens to everyone.

You may have rashes caused by chronic inflammation. but those could be mistaken for any number of harmless rashes. You might have fatigue. but you just convince yourself that you are naturally a bit lazy. You could be overweight. but you might think its those fatty burgers and not that sugary breakfast cereal. You could even have several damaging internal symptoms without realizing it. If you have repetitive kidney damage it can be very difficult to realize it and if you are young it might take a lot of damage and build up before painful kidney stones develop.

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The Questions you need to ask yourself to determine whether insulin resistance could be a problem for you are: frequently consuming high carbohydrate and/or sugary food? Do you experience any of the following symptoms:

– Brain fogginess and inability to focus

– Intestinal bloating

– Sleepiness. especially after meals

– Weight gain. fat storage. difficulty losing weight – particularly around the abdomen

– Increased blood pressure


– Increased hunger

– Acanthosis nigricans (skin condition)[2]

Also remember that black. Hispanic. Asian and American Indian groups are more at risk as well as those aged 40+

Just because you dont know you have insulin resistance doesnt mean that you arent damaging your body and if you dont do anything about it serious life-threatening complications can occur.

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