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I always try to experiment with coloured make-up, but sometimes it gets too much. What’s the right way to wear it for an everyday look? A Colored make-up lets you express yourself, so you don’t need to hold back; just be a little cautious with how you use it. Young girl haircuts short If your eye make-up is colorful, choose a subtler shade for your lips and vice versa. When it comes to eyeshadows, choose the hues wisely! In case you use contrasting make-up on the eyes, leave highlighting and contouring for another time. Keep the face very simple and let your eyes say it all. Remember, blending is key when using lots of colours so spend some time on it. I have been very fascinated with the dewy-finish look that’s been doing the rounds lately. Please share some easy steps on how I can achieve this look for my skin. Dewy make-up is in vogue as most celebsnationally and internationallyhave been spotted wearing it to look ultra-glamorous. Ditch you regular foundation and opt for a tinted souffle as the base for this look. Now, continue with your eyes and define you lash line with a brown liner for a natural look. Finish-off the eyes by doubly coating your lashes with waterproof mascara that’ll open up your eyes. Apply a gel-based cheek tint to infuse a glow onto your face, followed by using a pastel highlighter on your cheekbones and a light stain on your lips. Seal the look by applying your favourite lip gloss – be ready to rock!

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